Pea Soup With Beef Recipes

Pea Soup With Beef
pea soup with beef

As a breakfast menu, nuts are very simple and have complete nutrition. Especially if you make them in soup form, they will be an appetizer menu to start your activities. Like pea soup with beef, then curious about what and how to cook, follow the recipe below this

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  • peas (400 g, frozen)
  • beef (300 g, from the leg)
  • soup vegetables (carrot, celeriac, onion, parsley, a clove of garlic)
  • water (1.2 l)
  • clarified butter
  • balsamic vinegar (2 tl.)
  • salt, pepper, cloves (3), bay leaf (1), nutmeg, caraway, soy sauce

How to make

  1. cut the soup vegetables, flatten the clove of garlic. Cut the beef into 3-centimeter cubes of otter strips and remove the fat and tendons if necessary.
  2. Sweat the garlic and the soup vegetables in a little clarified butter until they start to turn brown. then you take it out of the pot, add a little clarified butter and sear the beef.
  3. Deglaze with the water, add the sweaty vegetables, the cut stalks of the parsley, the cloves and the bay leaf and half of the frozen peas.
  4. add salt, pepper and simmer for about 45 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally. then add the other half of the frozen peas and cook for ten minutes.
  5. Remove the cloves and the laurel leaf, fold in the cut parsley leaves and season the pea soup with the remaining spices.